Top Three Attractions To Visit in Delhi

India is a captivating country and Delhi is both its capital city and the centre of its uniqueness. Delhi holds all the secrets of Indian history, culture and art. Maybe you do not know that there are two Delhis; the old and the New Delhi.  If you are interested in history, pay a visit to Old Delhi. The New Delhi is also spectacular due to its iconic buildings. India is a highly populated country as you will find out in the streets of Delhi. Below are three places you should consider visiting so that your Delhi tour will be as enjoyable as possible.

1.  The Red Fort

The Red Fort is dear to all Indians because it reminds them of their struggle for independence. As you enter this iconic monument, you will be carried away by its sheer height.  It was built in 1638, and yet it stands firm and stable. You can learn the Red Fort troubled history from one of the many tour guides available on its compound. First, it was the capital city of the famous Mughal’s emperor, Shah Jahan. Later the Sikhs captured it. It changed hands again when the British captured it during the Indian colonization. You can find the Red Fort monument opposite the Chandni Chowk in old Delhi. Plan a visit from Tuesday to Sunday because it is not open on Monday. Every evening, there is an hour show called ‘The Sound and Light’ which may interest you.

2. The Humayun’s Tomb

The Humayun’s Tomb is famous because it houses the remains of the famous Humayun who was the second emperor of Mughal. You might wonder how a 1572 tomb still attracts crowds today but Humayun is an important figure in the history of India. You will notice the obvious similarities between this tomb and those found in Agra and other places. Many designs of tombs were inspired by the Humayun’s tomb. You can find the Humayun’s tomb in the east of New Delhi. It is open every day.

3.  Qutab Minar

When you arrive in Delhi, you must visit the Qutab Minar. It is known throughout the world as the tallest brick minar. Even though it was built in 1206, Qutab still attracts many people even today. Nobody knows for sure why this iconic structure was built although there are several theories.  As you admire it, you will find beautiful wall carvings and verses from the holy Quran. These markings make some believe that it was built to celebrate the start of Muslim rule in India. You can find Qutab Minar in Mehrauli south of Delhi.


Delhi is the capital of India and also the capital of its attractiveness. In old Delhi, you can find many iconic monuments which will aid you to know the history of the Indian people. The best place to learn how Indians lived and worshipped is Delhi. Majority of these sites are well protected, and it seems they will last for centuries. Many generations to come will learn Indian history by visiting Delhi.

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