Saltillo: Experience The Mesmerizing Beauty

Saltillo is rich in natural resource. I explored the forest, mountains, desserts, and everything that the city has to offer. I have to say that it displays breath-taking sceneries. Irrespective of being biologically diverse, the city blossoms with history and culture. You will come across beautiful monuments and colonial churches. I came across a wide range of colonial buildings and significant museums which showcases the vast diversity and culture of the city. If you are going to visit Saltillo, anytime soon, here are some things that you need to check out.

  • Visit Parras De La Fuente

This is known to be a picturesque town that is at an hour drive from Saltillo. Due to its fertile land, it is also known as the Coahuila’s Oasis. There are grapevines there for the winemaking industry. I loved the delightful scenario of vineyards from the famous Santo Madero Church. If you want, you can visit Hacienda San Lorenzo, the first American wine cellar.

  • Check out Sierra De Arteaga

No doubt, this is an incredible Sierra with lush green forest and snow-capped mountains. You can cam and take in the fresh air of nature. There is an artificial slope which is the first in Latin America. I went skiing here. The course has been made from specialized fiber. This is just perfect for slipping and sliding. No matter what time of the year you visit, you can go skiing because it is open all year round.

  • Visit the Bird Museum

A large museum placed at the city’s Historic Center. It has 2350 creatures. If you visit this place, you are surely going to fall in love with large natural resources. Learn about the geography and natural habitats of birds in here. As a matter of fact, the place is also an architectural landmark.

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