Nagasaki: Traverse the Most Well-Known City from the Second World War

As we all know, Nagasaki is one of the cities in Japan that had been blown up by the atomic bomb at the time of 2nd World War. As a matter of fact, I discovered that most of the attractions here are associated with this difficult time the city has been through. If you visit, you are never going to run out of options. Here are some of the attractions that you can check out.

Drop in at Huis Ten Bosch

You might not know but Nagasaki has a strong Dutch history. The Netherlands had a link to the area. It is pretty evident in the Huis Ten Bosch. This is like the open air museum that looks like buildings and homes which had been constructed during the Dutch Golden Age. I feel this is a small piece of Netherlands placed just at the center of Japan. It is definitely worthy of a visit.

Marvel at Oura Cathedral

If you want to see different sides of Nagasaki visit this cathedral. It had been established in 1886 and had been constructed by the French missionaries. Now, it has been declared as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Taking a tour helped me get an idea about the cultural status of the city.

Try out the Street Food

The street food in this city is just mouthwatering. There are various dishes to try out. I loved the Kakuni-Manju which is a kind of pork cutlet that is marinated and put inside a bun. This is then steamed. Do not forget to try out the sweet treats such as Marakao. The pound cake varieties are just amazing. It is steamed and then flavored with chocolate or chestnuts. I packed some of them for home too.

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