Mudanjiang – Enjoy Skiing and More with Your Family

Did you know that Mudanjiang is a city that was originally formed as pastureland? It is on the southeastern part of Heilongjiang province. The city is bordered by Russia and is also adjacent to North Korea borders. The temperatures from October to April fall way below freezing so if you come here, be well equipped as per the weather.

I decided to visit in the month of April and found it to be home to numerous ski resorts and beautiful mountainous ranges. It also has a rich natural landscape with forests, rivers, and lakes.

You could get here by flight from Beijing as well as Qingdao, Wuhan, Yanji, Guangzhou and other places. I booked a tour with a local service to take me around different places. Best time to visit here is from June to September. Though this phase is cool it is also prone to high rainfall.

Stop by the Jingpo Lake

Plan to visit this lake when you are drawing up your travel itinerary. This is a lake that acts as an alpine barrier. There are several volcanic eruptions that were active around this lake about ten thousand years ago. Several islets are also found on this lake. Boat tours are a must here to enjoy the waterscape around you.

The Fascinating Diaoshuilou Waterfall

Seeing this waterfall was my personal favorite. You and your family will enjoy exploring lava tunnels underground as well as crater forests. These are highlights that make this area visit mesmerizing.

Plan a Stop or Stay at Shuangfeng Forestry Center

I did not stop by here in winter but if you do visit here in winter you can experience grand snowscape, sledding, and skiing. The forestry center makes available such facilities as well as accommodation for tourists. It is located in Chiang Ting town which is also known as snow town.

There are several other sights and landmarks you will like to visit such as Sculptures of Eight Heroines. This particular statue has much historical importance and is within Jiangbin Park of the city. I also stopped by Beishan Park where I enjoyed the hiking trails.

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