Archive | May, 2019

Nantong – Enjoy City Skylines and the Hua River Here

This is a city that is known for its skyline which is formed by a blend of old and new buildings by Hua River. What I discovered about this coastal city is that the weather remains warm and breezy through the year through summer and winter seasons are distinct. The Hua River that flows by […]

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Nagasaki: Traverse the Most Well-Known City from the Second World War

As we all know, Nagasaki is one of the cities in Japan that had been blown up by the atomic bomb at the time of 2nd World War. As a matter of fact, I discovered that most of the attractions here are associated with this difficult time the city has been through. If you visit, […]

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Mudanjiang – Enjoy Skiing and More with Your Family

Did you know that Mudanjiang is a city that was originally formed as pastureland? It is on the southeastern part of Heilongjiang province. The city is bordered by Russia and is also adjacent to North Korea borders. The temperatures from October to April fall way below freezing so if you come here, be well equipped […]

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