Nantong – Enjoy City Skylines and the Hua River Here

This is a city that is known for its skyline which is formed by a blend of old and new buildings by Hua River. What I discovered about this coastal city is that the weather remains warm and breezy through the year through summer and winter seasons are distinct. The Hua River that flows by here is known as the Emerald Necklace of the city.

If you plan to stop by here, there are several easy ways to travel here from cities like Suzhou, Shanghai or Nanjing. Spring is a favorable season to visit. I came here and found the mountain and garden, as well as water landscapes around the city, most charming.

Enjoy a Day by Hao River Area

Here I quickly discovered that this scenic area is popular with tourists and locals alike. The river was formed in 958 to encircle the Nantong city as a moat. The city has over a thousand years of history and there are several historic landmarks here as well such as Nantong museum, Tianning temple, and several other squares. What you will enjoy here are the parks and bridges to stop by and explore here, many of the gardens housing trees that date back hundreds of years.

Mountains and More at Langshan Scenic Area

This is the mountainous area by the city which was my second-day tour. There are about six distinct areas to visit here. These comprise of ancient buildings, caves, stone inscriptions by ponds and springs and several ancient pathways to explore. It is best that you plan to spend an entire day here, especially when the weather is pleasant.

The Ruggedness of the Wolf Mountains

If you love the rugged beauty of mountains as I do, this is a range that is close by and you could easily take a tour of the same and stop by the different resorts located by the scenic mountain ranges.

Besides the above natural places of attraction, I also stopped by the Auchan shopping center to shop for local goodies or explore the relics and memorials kept in the Nantong museum.

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