Dead Sea – The Floating One

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The Dead Sea is named the way it is since the people when going to the sea for swimming or dive they float, nobody can ever drown in the city. The reason is that the sea is almost twenty times saltier than any average sea contains. This is the reason why no animals or plants habitat themselves inside, the environment is just too harsh and un-surviving for them. The Dead Sea is the lowest sea all around the world, sitting even fourteen hundred feet below the actual sea level. The place and the atmosphere around it are very intriguing. It is the most popular destination to visit; its water and sand are known to have some amazing health and healing properties.


Qumran is the in canyon caves located alongside the Dead Sea. These caves were one of the greatest discoveries of the medieval times and since have been used for hiking and cave exploring by many locals of the city itself. You can sign up for the cave tour, some guides provide the Dead Sea tour along with it or you can sign up for that individually. When you will reach the insides of the caves in your tour you will find certain writings engraved on the top walls of the cave, these were the manuscripts by the medieval cave discoverers. The writings describe how their life was in those times.

Mineral Beach

Mineral beach is exactly opposite to the Dead Sea. Though it is not a part of the sea the beach provides for the sometimes water in the Dead Sea. This beach offers you many different types of spa treatments and pools with Sulphur in it and massages and therapies. There are over fifteen different resorts in the boundaries alongside the mineral beach, offering you great stays and great views offers.

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